Concept Art, Illustration and more

Hi and welcome on my site. My name is Maxim Lingert and I am a freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator from Hamburg with several years experience as a painter, draftsman and graphic artist.


Maxim Lingert - Concept Art - Character Design


Maxim Lingert - Concept Art - Environments


Maxim Lingert - Concept Art - Vehicles


Maxim Lingert - Concept Art - Props

My Services

As an illustrator I offer you a wide range of visual possibilities to support your projects. My fields of activity and fields of work roughly cover the following areas:


  • Concept Art

  • Illustration for journals, magazines and books

  • Print illustration for covers, flyers and posters

  • Pixel art, logo and icon

  • Avatar and Mascot

  • etc.

Furthermore I also offer services in the classical field. These include:

  • Portraits

  • Caricatures

My work may be of interest to you if you...

  • ...are looking for an illustrator for your company who can present certain processes in a graphically appealing way. Illustrations and graphics are not only more memorable, but can also convey complicated issues faster than long texts and descriptions. Long meetings and telephone calls are therefore a thing of the past.

  • ...are currently creating your own videogame and are looking for a concept artist to support you and give your project that special something.

  • ...are an author and want to spice up your book with some nice illustration or a cover to let the reader visually dive into your world.
  • ...still looking for a gift for friends, family or relatives. And what could be more personal than a drawing of the person, which will still be timeless in years to come.

  • ...are looking for a Photoshop expert to help you use the program efficiently in everyday use. This way, you can clean up and enhance all your private and vacation photos to make them look their best. Just send me an email with your question.



I hope you enjoy looking around.

What you can expect from me

I could of course try to tell you a lot of things about how great I am and why you have to have what I do, but I won't. Because I am convinced that if a person needs something or is generally interested in something, he doesn't need to be convinced. Of course I also have a service that I offer and want to earn money with, but both sides should benefit equally. You as a customer, to whom my work offers an added value, whether private or business, and I, who can turn his hobby into a profession and get paid for it. 


I love my work and everything I have worked for over the years I have taught myself autodidactically. Neither did I attend an art school, nor did I have several years of work experience in a company. But what I offer you is probably the most important thing a person can offer and what no school or job can teach you. I stand behind what I do and I do it with passion. And I want you to find a part of this passion in my work and it inspires you and maybe even makes you dream.



If you are interested in one of the above mentioned areas, just use the contact form to contact me for a non-binding offer and let me surprise you with my fair price-performance ratio.


You can also contact me directly at the following number: 0152 / 3194 1064




I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

"Every artist was first an amateur"


- Ralph Waldo Emerson