Due to the many variation possibilities, no uniform price can be given for concept arts and/or illustrations. This is very individual and depends on the richness of detail or number of elements per picture. A non-binding price calculation can be made upon request. Below are a few price examples based on illustrations.

Price example 1

Character Design

without background 


$360 ONO

Price example 2

Character Design

with background 


$600 ONO

Price example 3


without character


$300 ONO

Price example 4

Several figures

against background


$240 + qty. of figurs x $300 ONO

Are the prices fair?

Many still have a misconception about the cost of an illustration and equate the hourly rate of a freelance illustrator with the hourly rate of an employee. But they forget to consider the following things that distinguish a freelancer from an employee:

  • the costs of social security are borne solely by the freelancer

  • the freelancer must pay for the work equipment himself

  • Accounting, acquisition, marketing and sales must also be managed himself

And perhaps the most important point of all, the freelancer doesn't have permanently ongoing projects. Even if this is desirable, it is rarely the case as a rule and you have to make ends meet without any orders.

For any questions or special requests please use the contact formular.